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Meth Addiction Treatment

Harry had been using methamphetamines for several years. Meth kept him awake in the mornings after his mind kept him awake all night. It became something that he felt he needed just to be able to survive in this world. But the reality was he didn’t recognize the man in the mirror. He had lost a lot of weight in the years since he had first started using meth, and there were days when he couldn’t remember if he had eaten anything. The high he felt from meth no longer felt like fun, but rather a chore to keep the cravings at bay. He wanted help but didn’t know if anyone could help him. The thought of seeking treatment had crossed his mind several times, but he had many questions about what that would entail. Meth had control over his life, but what made this time different?

Harry’s story is a common one. In 2022, 1,069 people tested positive for methamphetamine following an overdose in Kentucky. SUN Behavioral Kentucky offers no-cost care assessments that will get you to a place where you’re comfortable with your treatment plan. You will meet with a representative who can answer your questions as they assess your needs before you spend any money on your treatment. So, what does meth addiction treatment look like?

Treatment Options for Crystal Meth Addiction

Many people experience apprehension when seeking treatment for meth use disorder. Treatment can be excellent for many people but comes with questions and concerns. You might not even know if you need it in the first place. At SUN Behavioral Kentucky, we aim to simplify this process. At the time of intake, you will be assessed through a personalized course of action that will allow us to learn how we can provide you with the level of care you need and deserve. How long you’re at our facility will depend on the treatments you need, and we’ll figure that out together. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, commercial, and private pay insurance.

Meth Withdrawal at SUN KY

There are no medical processes for a meth detox, however, at SUN Kentucky we can help you manage your way through the meth withdrawal period through therapy. Meth withdrawal is a natural process that your body will go through as the body has grown dependent on the substance. The symptoms that you will feel are a part of that process. These include:

  • Fatigue
  • Lack of energy
  • Chills
  • Insomnia
  • Intense cravings
  • Depression
  • Increased appetite

While these symptoms are not typically life-threatening, it is still advised that you have a medical professional monitor your symptoms to prevent complications from arising. Withdrawal symptoms typically last for 3-4 weeks with the highest level of intensity being around 24 hours after your last use of methamphetamines.

Partial Hospitalization Services at SUN KY

Partial hospitalization (PHP) prevents people from needing full hospitalization. You can come to the rehab facility daily and return home at the day's end. PHP takes place every day, 5 days per week. You’ll have the opportunity to attend your sessions each day and return home at night. You will also meet with psychiatrists who will provide you with medication oversight and management. 

In PHP you focus on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a wellness recovery action plan (WRAP), and other coping skills training during group therapy sessions. CBT is great at helping you learn how to recognize, manage, and change unhelpful thoughts. WRAP is used to help you understand the techniques necessary for preventing a return to use. Right now, it might feel like there will never be a day when you’ll be free from meth. Our tailored PHP will get you to a place where you trust in yourself and in your recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Services at SUN KY

The next step is our intensive outpatient programming (IOP). It is for those ready for more freedom in treatment but that still require additional support and structure. IOP allows you to continue intensive therapy 3 days per week. In these sessions, you will continue working on CBT and WRAP. You will also be a part of a daily process group that will help you work through any current issues you might be experiencing. 

meth addiction treatment in kentucky

Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment at SUN KY

Don't let anxiety make you suffer any longer. Call SUN for help.


What Is Meth Use Disorder?

Methamphetamine is similar to amphetamine used to treat narcolepsy and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is typically found looking like glass fragments or bluish-white rocks. People who use meth might take it as a pill or smoke, snort, or inject it after it has been dissolved in water or alcohol. They often take the substance to get a high that will fade as quickly as it began. A crash often follows this. People who use meth regularly often give up food and sleep to take the substance for several days. Those using methamphetamines often have increased wakefulness, decreased appetite, extreme weight loss, and intense itching. 


meth addiction treatment in sun behavioral kentucky


What are the Causes of Meth Use Disorder?

There are several causes for a meth use disorder. Genetics can be one of those reasons, but it is often a small reason. Just because your mom or dad used methamphetamines does not necessarily mean you will have a methamphetamine use disorder. 

Friends can also pressure you to use methamphetamine, which can lead to continued use and morph into a methamphetamine use disorder. Existing depression and anxiety can also increase the risk of developing a meth use disorder.

meth addiction treatment

Do You Need Treatment for Methamphetamine Use Disorder?

One of the most challenging things anyone can do is ask for help. It is not an easy task, and when it comes to methamphetamine use, it can be even more difficult. There is a good chance that you would rather hide your methamphetamine use disorder from those that you love instead of seeking treatment. But seeking treatment is the most powerful and bravest thing you can do. If you wonder if you need it in the first place, there are some signs you can look out for that may indicate a need for treatment. 

One of those reasons is that you try to hide your methamphetamine use from family and friends. You probably don’t want them to know, and you might lie or steal from them to try and keep it a secret. You might also need treatment for a methamphetamine use disorder if you experience withdrawal symptoms while away from meth for some time. These symptoms are also associated with intense cravings for methamphetamines. You might also need treatment for methamphetamine use if you experience trouble with work or school performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Treating Meth Addiction

What is monoclonal antibody treatment for addiction?

There have been recent studies that have suggested that monoclonal antibody treatment can help reduce withdrawal symptoms for those who are undergoing meth use disorder treatment. The monoclonal antibody treatment would bind to various receptors that meth attaches itself thus blocking the entry of meth into the system. SUN Behavioral Kentucky does not offer this service as this method has not been approved for treating methamphetamine use disorders. 

Get Help for Meth Use Disorder Today at SUN Behavioral!

Often, it can feel like the moment you decide to get help is also the moment you reach for another dose of meth. The cravings may become too much, and you might change your mind about treatment before you can make it to the first appointment. This is why SUN Behavioral Kentucky offers 24/7 crisis care, which allows you to get started on your treatment when a crisis comes. We work to help you meet unmet needs in your life. For more information on meth use disorder or if you are ready to start your drug rehab treatment today, call us at 859-429-5188.


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