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Heroin Addiction Treatment

You’ve tried for years to get away from heroin, and each time it pulled you back in. You didn’t know if you could escape its powerful grasp on your life. The high you felt every time you consumed heroin was worth more than the side effects you felt when you weren’t taking it. Not taking heroin caused you to feel sick. Heroin seemed like this magic medicine that made those symptoms disappear. 

Soon, you realized that you were engaging in activities you never thought you would, like lying and stealing. You know you need help but don’t know where to start. 

In 2021, 2,250 Kentuckians died from an overdose. SUN Kentucky aims to provide a full continuum of care for everyone, from adolescents to geriatrics. We offer a no-cost telehealth assessment so that you can begin to understand what your treatment might look like before making a payment.

Treatment Options for Heroin Use Disorder at SUN KY

We know that having different treatments across multiple age groups allows people to have freedom in their recovery journey. They will be able to create a new life for themselves outside of their heroin use and they look forward to their new future. At SUN Kentucky, you will come to the facility during the day and go home at night. We will create customized sessions during the day for you to participate in. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, commercial, and private pay insurance.

Heroin Withdrawal Treatment at SUN KY

Leaving heroin behind is often the first step, but it should only be done under the supervision of a medical professional. The withdrawal symptoms associated with this process are often difficult and might encourage you to use heroin again. This is because your body has become used to it, and this is its way of removing heroin from its system. At SUN Kentucky, we work to ensure that the process is easier by incorporating therapy and life skills into your withdrawal treatment. Some symptoms you might experience include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Agitation
  • Intense cravings
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Runny nose

Typically, these symptoms will start within 12 hours of the last time you consumed heroin and will peak after 3 days before starting to improve. However, times might vary based on how long you have taken heroin and how much heroin you have taken.

Partial Hospitalization Services at SUN KY

During partial hospitalization (PHP), you will attend 5 group therapy sessions daily, 5 days a week. Here you will focus on learning coping skills, wellness techniques that prevent relapse, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). During CBT, you will learn how to manage your thought patterns. These skills and techniques will help you in the later stages of your recovery as they become tools you can use to prevent relapse.

Intensive Outpatient Recovery Services at SUN KY

Intensive outpatient is for those who still need the support and structure of treatment but are ready for a lower level of care. You will attend group sessions every day for 5 days a week. Like PHP, you will continue to learn coping skills, wellness techniques, and CBT, but you will also participate in a daily process group to help you work through current concerns in your life. This level of care allows you to maintain a life outside of treatment while still participating in your recovery. 

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin Addiction Rehab at SUN KY

Don't let heroin addiction control your life any longer. Call SUN for help.


When you arrive at our rehab facility, you will be assessed through a personalized assessment that tells us your needs. This allows our specialists to better design a treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals for treatment. You will receive the tools that you need to prevent relapse.

What Is Heroin?

Heroin is a synthetic, 100% illegal opioid. It can be found as either a white or brown powder. It might also appear as a black sticky substance known as black tar. It comes from morphine but is twice as strong. When it is consumed, people will snort, sniff, inject, or smoke it. It enters the area of the brain in charge of pain and pleasure, creating side effects such as insomnia, heavy feeling in arms or legs, depression, and dry mouth. 

Heroin Addiction Treatment at SUN Behavioral Kentucky


What Causes a Heroin Use Disorder?

Various things can cause a heroin use disorder. These can include genetics, but not always. The biggest factors of a heroin use disorder include environmental and social aspects. Being around people who use heroin or even being friends with people who use heroin can increase your chances of developing a heroin use disorder. Other factors include financial or socioeconomic.

 Those with lower education and income levels are at a higher risk of developing a heroin use disorder. Also, if you have an unrelated mood disorder, you might have a chance of developing a heroin use disorder. While the best way to avoid a heroin use disorder is abstinence, hope is not lost if you have developed a heroin use disorder. Recovery is always possible. 

heroin addiction treatment at SUN Kentucky

Do You Need Addiction Treatment?

If you are thinking about heroin regularly and wondering when the next time that you are going to consume heroin is, then you might need to seek treatment for heroin use. You might also need to seek treatment if you are engaging in illegal activity such as theft or lying to those you love especially regarding your heroin use. 

You might also lack personal hygiene or have bruises or scars in the areas where you have injected heroin. You might also feel hostile or distant from your loved ones because of your heroin use. All of these things can make you feel hopeless, or like you’re not yourself anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which stage of addiction is associated with relapse?

Recovery is the stage of heroin use that is associated with relapse. A relapse typically develops over time and occurs in three stages: emotional, mental, and physical. The emotional stage is immediately after the last use when the user wants to put heroin behind them. If they do not actively participate in their treatment through therapies or support groups, they might advance to relapse in later stages which lead to an actual relapse. This happens for various reasons including attending fewer meetings, losing focus on self-care, or feeling like they should be beyond the basics of recovery. 

What is the relapse rate for heroin use disorder?

While the relapse rate for a heroin use disorder is 40-60%, it doesn’t mean all hope is lost. It might seem like many people with a heroin use disorder relapse, but it just means an adjustment in the treatment process is needed. This can be done by reevaluating the potential causes for the relapse and determining between yourself and a professional the best step in moving forward with your recovery. 

What are the three most common triggers for relapse for heroin use disorder?

Three of the most common triggers for relapse include stress, habits, and negative thinking that includes worries about the past or the future. By incorporating mindfulness and relaxation techniques into your daily life, you can decrease the chances of developing relapse by learning to be kind to yourself.

Get Help for Heroin Use Disorder Today in Erlanger, KY

At SUN Kentucky located in Erlanger, KY, we strive to solve the unmet needs of those in our community. One way we do this is by providing crisis care with 24-hour admittance. For more information about heroin addiction treatment call us at.


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