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Mental Health Services in Kentucky

Over 700,000 people in Kentucky report that they are suffering from a mental illness, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, or NAMI. Unfortunately, Kentuckians are 3x more likely than the national average to be forced to look out of network for a mental health provider. There aren’t enough mental health professionals readily and easily available in Kentucky to meet the demand.

SUN Behavioral Health is located in northeastern Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati, and is happy and proud to be helping serve the needs of Kentuckians. Partnered with St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we work hard to serve our community around us. From members of the military to adolescents, we offer different mental health services for all ages and types.

What Causes Mental Illness?

The brain and its functions are very complex. Because of this, many different factors can contribute to mental health issues in a person. Some mental health conditions, like ADHD or autism, are things that a person is born with. Other mental health issues might develop over time, or be caused by traumatic events.

These are a few ways that people can develop a mental health condition:

  • Brain injury
  • Experiencing a traumatic incident
  • Long periods of stress
  • Trouble at home, such as financial burden

Every situation and person is unique, however. We understand this here at SUN Behavioral Kentucky. Finding the cause of your mental health issue is an important start of the treatment process. 

Types of Treatments For Mental Illnesses

Just as there are many causes for mental illness, there are many different types of treatments to address these problems. Even if two people might be diagnosed with the same mental health issue, the same treatment plan might not work for both individuals. It’s important to discuss with your mental healthcare professional to help find the best treatment options for you. 

Treatment can work in many different ways to help address your mental health concerns. Some forms of treatment work to address the unconscious, helping you become more aware of the hidden decisions your brain makes daily that could be affecting your mental health. Other forms of treatment work to teach you skills to better manage the symptoms or triggers of your mental health issues. 

Treatments can also address co-occurring disorders, which is when a person is dealing with mental illness and substance abuse at the same time. This treatment option helps work with both concerns to ensure a better outcome. At SUN Behavioral Kentucky we offer this form of treatment to make sure our patients have options to find what works best for them.

Different Types Of Mental Health Care

In addition to treatments for mental health conditions, different services can act as a method of enacting those treatments. 

  1. Inpatient services are when a patient stays at the facility for an extended period. Mental health treatment can involve a variety of activities, as well as individual and group therapy sessions. Inpatient services can be very beneficial by removing the patient from any potentially harmful living environments, or even just helping them better detach from any stressors in their life that might be worsening the mental health issue that they are trying to resolve. 
  2. Outpatient services, sometimes referred to as intensive outpatient services, involve people staying for elongated periods during the day, but going home at night. They still participate in many of the same activities as those in the inpatient setting but might find they do better being at home overnight instead of staying at the facility full time. 
  3. Traditional therapy is what people probably think of most when getting help for their mental health. It involves primarily one on one sessions with a professional and licensed therapist, usually meeting once a week, though this could be more or less depending on each individual's needs. 
  4. Telehealth or online therapy has grown quite substantially since the start of COVID. It offers the same benefits as traditional therapy but is done over the phone or via video chat.

What We Want To Achieve

Our goals here at SUN Behavioral are to ensure the well-being of our clients and the whole community. We want to help offer education to those looking for it, both about the recovery process as well as the programs we offer. We strive to ensure that our patients and their families walk away with a positive outcome. 

By working with hospitals, schools, and even social services, we hope to save and enhance lives. Mental health is a big part of everyone’s life, and making sure that you have both access and understanding when it comes to helping yourself or a loved one is very important to us.

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What Mental Health Services We Offer

Here at SUN Behavioral Kentucky we offer a well-rounded selection of mental health services to best suit our patients needs. Our services include:

  • Telehealth 
  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Traditional counseling/therapy

We also differentiate our care depending on the ages of our patients. We offer all of these services to adults and adolescents.

At SUN Behavioral Kentucky, we strive to help our patients on their path to mental healing. If you want to find out more, or are looking to get started with treatment for you or a loved one, call us today at 859-429-5188.


Frequently Asked Questions

What mental health services are offered for teens?

We at SUN Behavioral understand the importance of mental health wellness for adolescents. Because of this, we offer inpatient, outpatient, and counseling services for adolescents and teenagers. We believe it’s important for them to receive the mental health care they need while being around other people their age. 

Do insurance companies cover mental health services?

Many insurance companies are starting to offer more cohesive mental health service coverage. Our SUN Behavioral Kentucky facility is partnered with St. Elizabeth Healthcare to better provide treatment services for our community. If you want to know more about your specific insurance and the coverage options they might have for you, feel free to give us a call at 859-429-5188.

Mental Health Services in Kentucky

At SUN, we’ve created a caring, healing environment and will be there for every step of your journey to recovery. Please call us today to help you, your family and your loved one.


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